Unlock The Abundance Mindset- Join The Free 5 Days “Healing Meditation Masterclass ”

Our riveting five-day daily meditation program is designed to unlock your hidden potential through the most intuitive guided meditations. Incorporate these extensively researched and highly effective techniques to heal yourself from within; witness miraculous results within five days.

Healing Meditation Masterclass

Learn The Technique Of Healing Meditation To Gain Mental Strength And Bring About The Transformations You Have Been Dreaming Of

We want to witness the inner child healing but don’t know how to make it happen. We wish to live a life of abundance but something holds us back. We want to experience inner bliss but feel trapped in our minds. This is the story of most people who are unknowingly caught up in their fixed neural pathways through years of conditioning.

When it comes to living life to the fullest, no one has the power to put limitations but you. With our 5-day free “Healing Meditation Masterclass” session, take the first critical step towards living a fulfilling life. Learn to break free from the fixed mindset and leap forward towards the growth mindset. We are providing the most intuitive guided meditation program with a free demo for five days. Enroll in our free program to familiarize yourself with the basics of healing with immediately visible results in the first five days.

The Pathology Of A Fixed Mindset

Why Do I Need To Make Changes

I rely on external motivation to take action

I give importance to limiting beliefs

I let the outside environment affect my inner self

I count on cues to put thoughts into actions

I jump to conclusions without processing the facts

I have an overly emotional reaction to life

I give knee-jerk reactions under stress

I react instead of observing situations

I have made my thoughts my master

How does intuitive guided meditation give me a Blissful experience?

A daily meditation habit can cleanse your subconscious

Regular practice increases the brain sync activity

Meditation activates and regenerates neurons to open new pathways

Self-love meditation can bring about flushing positivity

Vibrations in sync with the universe align the 7 chakras

Meditation activates and regenerates neurons to open new pathways



With a first-hand experience in healing and living the life of abundance, Parth Vyas is your quintessential wellness coach who has trained millions of  people in aligning their energies. Working with vibrations is his forte and living a life of abundance is his goal. So, he brings his vast experience gained from holding hundreds of workshops and transforming millions of lives onto this online platform to make life joyous for all.

If you wish to embark on the journey of living life to the fullest, connect with us now.


Parth Vyas has written a book named "YOUR VIBRATION IS THE KEY", in which he shows how vibration works and how to change it by doing daily meditation.

Well, do you Vibrate with love, abundance, joy, fear, wrath, wealth, failure or peace? With years of experience into Holistic Lifestyle. Parth share his  views in detail by this book. This book is all about knowing of and micro tuning of your Vibration as the vibration that you put into the world gives you back what you believe in and experience.

Let's join 5 days Meditation journey and get brief insights of this book

your vibration is the key

Key Takeaways From The "Healing Meditation" Membership

The Five Pillars Of Healing Meditation Masterclass


Sound Healing Guided Meditation

Bring the displaced energies into place; let the vibrations do the cleansing. Listen and let go.


Self-Love Meditation

Learn to make yourself the object of sheer love and compassion; usher onto the journey of acceptance and growth.


Binaural Beats Meditation

Rewire your brain with this potent meditative technique; use special frequencies to change the  brain wave patterns


Unconditional Forgiveness Meditation with sound

Modify your brain to let go of the past; learn to embrace the new energies while gaining strength


Abundance & Gratitude Guided Meditation

Practice thankfulness to enhance inner bliss; attract abundance by clearing blocked pathways.

daily meditation habit
daily meditation habit
daily meditation habit

Read people's success stories

here are what to expect

Gain absolute clarity in life

Unlock your full potential

Take on life at full throttle

Accomplish your long set goals

Fulfil your promises

Push your limits

Live the life of abundance

Diminish your fears

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Try out the free five-day “Healing Meditation Masterclass” session and experience

Unlock The Best Version Of Yourself Through

The secret to leading your life effectively

What you get in long term Meditation

When practised over a period of time, guided meditation has the power to induce a sense of peace and calm. Our sound healing meditation program is a proven way to enhance inner bliss. Upon joining the “Healing Meditation Masterclass” program, one gets to experience the benefits of meditation in a period of merely five days. The attention span, the focus, and the moods get substantially enhanced and uplifted; not to mention that continuing with the meditations brings about permanent changes in the mind and the body.

Guided meditation is a mindfulness-based stress reduction practice which gently brings about the desired changes in your life. Enroll in our “Healing Meditation Masterclass” program for free.

Unlock The Best
Version Of Yourself Through

Emotional Intelligence

The secret to leading your life effectively


as featured in

Science of meditation

Through the practice of guided meditation, the brain sync activity gets optimised. When the wandering mind gets hard to curb, one can tend to resort to a meditation practice such as sound healing guided meditation, self-love meditation, binaural beats meditation, and forgiveness meditation to name a few. Join our program, the “Healing Meditation Masterclass”, which has a scientific approach based on research conducted over thousands of people.

who can join the training?


who want to enhance their productivity, improve focus and get things done in the given time.


who face mental blocks at the most unexpected times and are unable to turn on their creative switch at the right time.


who want to excel at life and are in the preparatory stage of their life and want to increase their mental capacity.


who have to deal with the immense stress of raising their kids right and also juggle with work while maintaining a balanced approach.


who want to get better at handling their life, deal with personal issues aptly and form a fulfilling bond with their near ones.

Parth P. Vyas, Ph.D.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get whatsapp group link, once you submit the form. We will share daily live zoom meeting link.As all sessions will be online via zoom so you can join with your mobile,tablet,laptop etc

This is totally free sessions of 5 days with an experience of  unique intuitive guided meditation

We have sessions at 8:00 AM every day starting 26th September! We have limited seats only to ensure that everyone gets time to interact with the instructor.

Well, We strongly suggest that you attend all live sessions, learn and practice with the instructor. We do not provide any recording. Its purely live sessions.

Well, Now a days Stress level is increasing tremendously in every home of this world, so our aim is to let every family members at home do meditation on regular basis to minimize the stress and live happy & healthy life style

Just give us a call or drop a WhatsApp at +91 90333 48937 and we will get back to you at the earliest!



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Rajen Chudasama

Sr.Officer, New assurance ltd

I love the assistance Parth has and is providing to me. Don’t know what I’d do without him! I’ve gone through many ‘life events’ while seeing Vyas and he rolls with it with me… it’s so reassuring to know a true professional cares about this one patient of hers. He’s simply the best!!! I always say, ‘everyone needs a Vyas!’ I mean that as the highest compliment I could say. Thank you all!

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Dipti Chaudhari

Yoga Trainer

Hi Parth! I again wanted to extend a heartfelt and humble thank you from an extremely grateful man. (My son) came to you many years ago as a confused and troubled teen….he will (now) achieve his dream. A dream I can say was unreachable in my opinion without your guidance with him and myself. Thank you Dr. Vyas for a job well done.

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Madhava Kunti


Dr. Vyas, We are pleased to inform you that you have one of the most outstanding therapist in your clinic and we appreciate all the enthusiasm he has. Parth Vyas has been a great support to our family and has always helped us with our son. He has been a part of our family since 2011. The positive attitude and motivation he gives us should definitely be acknowledged.

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Aniket Purani

Manager, SBI

Parth sir’s session is so calming and soothing and techniques we learn is really effective in Relation, Spirituality, Money and Health. Wonderful learning experience from Parth Vyas. This session has helped me to gain confidence and again stand in my career

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