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Introducing Parth Vyas, Ph.d.

I am a Sound Meditator and Holistic health coach with more than 10+ years of experience.
I can help you when you have any physical, mental or social problems.

Parth Vyas is a Holistic Life Coach, Author, Spiritual Catalyst, and Sound Yoga Educator. An Engineer turned into a sound alchemist as now with 10+ years of wellness and healing experience, full-time wellness entrepreneur.

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The journey towards happiness and Holistic life start with the most remarkable experience in his life as now he has trained over 5000+ people to raise their Vibrations and live a full of abundance holistic life.

Parth has taken workshops and training to the Business Meet, Woman Empowerment, and Students Concentration Formula through raising their vibration, parenting, relationship, and many more. He served his holistic knowledge of vibration science and healing to the people.

Parth Vyas, Ph.D. -Life Coach
A Certified Trainer, Sound Meditator, and counselor and completed such
👉 *Educational program* as, (28+ Different Spiritual practices cum Education.

🔺Naturotherapist~ (5 element treatment.)
🔺Traditional Chinese Medicine
🔺Alternative Medicine
🔺Certified yoga Trainer and Sound Meditator
🔺Clinical Hypnotherapist
🔺Clinical Hypnotherapist

🔺Past Life Regression Specialist

🔺NLP practitioner~ (Neuro-Linguistic Program based on the language of neurons creating pathways by the subconscious mind.)

🔺Law Of Attraction Practitioner

🔺Child Brain development programmer

🔺Mind Metrics power trainer

🔺Theta Healing Practitioner ( *International Healing Training*)
🔺Vibrations Medicine
🔺Raiki Healer
🔺Alpha Mind Programmer
🔺Crystal Therapist
🔺Aroma Therapist
🔺Silva mind healer
🔺Angel Therapist
🔺Pranik Healer
🔺Quantum Touch Therapist


🔺Art of Living Kriya
🔺Vipassana Meditation
🔺Chakra Balance and Activation Program
🔺Siddha Kundalini Activation
🔺Ancient Durga Shree Vidhya Shakti Healing Meditation
🔺Aura/7 bodies/Consciousness and Higher Divine Source Connection.
🔺Ancient lord Shiva-Shakti Healing Meditation Program
🔺Ancient Tradition Sanjivni Healin
🔺Brahmakumari Rajyog Meditation

Their regular training, workshop, and seminars are conducted in Schools, companies, different trusts, and NGO as well as in our center. I am also conducting personal counseling on addiction, relationship, health issues, wealth issues, fear & phobias, etc as the only motto to let people realize how valuable they are in life by attuning the proper flow of Energy.💐

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I Am Always Ready For A Challenge.

Our goal is in using the correct methods to attain the desired results. Different binaural beat frequencies will affect different layers of our conscious and subconscious state. We used binaural beats for relaxation, creativity, energy, lucid dreaming and astral projection.

Fair Price And Quality

I assure my customers that my company has a very reasonable price thus keeping customers is our criteria.

Professional Team

I have got the experience and trained to listen to you, give you the best advice.

Years Of Experience

With more than 10 years as a Holistic Life Coach, Author, Spiritual Catalyst, and Sound Yoga Educator, I'm quite confident of my capabilities.

Dedicated Support

I will always support you anytime you need my help. So remember that at any time, you can contact me for any issues you might have.

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Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work
together to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

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