Would you like to have more energy, learn easier, stay focused, eliminate depression, or sleep better?

Would you like to have more energy, learn easier, stay focused, eliminate depression, or sleep better?

Are You New To Meditation?

If you’re new to meditation, your mind is running around, with thoughts like: “What should I do? Is this really all there is to it? What am I supposed to feel?” Here are 10 easy meditation techniques to help you get started, and get the most out of your daily meditation.

What do you know about Meditation?

Meditation is the practice of focusing on an object or a single point of awareness. It is the practice of calming the mind to allow one to become immersed with their true essence; the true self that is one with all (source, universe, divine consciousness, universal consciousness or any other given name meaning the same).

As you will discover there are lots of approaches to meditation; hundreds of different tips and techniques. These all work; certainly in the beginning they help to focus your concentration. It is, however, important not to get attached to a particular technique or object. When it comes down to it meditation is all about a post realisation that you have discovered the secret gap that is as Wu describes; nothingness, emptiness, nonexistence. Only then are you meditating, and the key is not to grasp what you have discovered but, simply allow it to be, merging with the stillness, the silence and the tranquillity that is the pure essence of our universe.

Meditation was a religious obligation for thousands of years. Most religions, i.e., Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism, practice meditation somehow. Due to the enormous benefits of Meditation, these techniques gained fame. And are now practiced all around the globe for multiple purposes.

Now coming to the point, how does it work?

Meditation is like resting. Just like after working hard physically, our body needs a break. The mind behaves the same way. During the day, your mind receives different kinds of information, like smells, sounds, and feelings, and it is more than evident that it needs to get some rest. Sleep can rest your mind, but sometimes we are so stressed that our mind cannot completely rest even when sleeping. That is when Meditation can help us.

Meditation goes right away into the troublesome areas of our mind that were causing us stress or unpliant happenings. And it attempts to change the mind’s attitude towards them. You experience a fall in your metabolic rate soon after starting the process. Your oxygen consumption falls so much below the average. Causing your heart rate gets sub-normal. Resultantly it decreases your nervous activity and helps you attain a state of calmness.

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Consciousness is likely to be a flow that moves smoothly and changes as it passes through an area. Meditation is one of the deliberate means of changing the flow of this current, which in turn changes the way we perceive and respond to the world around us.

Studies have found that Meditation can have both physiological and psychological effects. Positive physiological effects include decreased physical alertness, decreased respiratory rate, decreased heart rate, altered brain wave patterns, and reduced stress.

Some of the other emotional, psychological, and health-related benefits of Meditation include:

  • Better management of anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, pain issues, and high blood pressure
  • Positive Changes in different aspects of attention and concentration
  • Better stress management skills
  • Increased quality of self-awareness
  • Improved emotional well-being
  • Improved immunity
  • Greater empathy for yourself and others
  • Headache relief

It is always better to adopt a good lifestyle to prevent different conditions instead of embracing them as a treatment. Meditation and mindfulness are your way to a perfect life where you are in the best shape of your mind and body, and also, they both are well synchronized to each other.

Who won’t love to have such perfection and smoothness in their lives?

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