Experiencing so many changes in my lifestyle and career. Amazing experience. It changed the way I think and react in various situations.I am now very well aware of my thoughts and actions. All techniques are unique and so powerful. Great experience of Sound session. He is an excellent therapist whom I would recommend without reservation.
Shivbhadra Chauhan
FamilyCare Patient
“Parth is a well-established Meditation Coach and delivers a very professional service. As a skilled therapist Parth brings not only depth, warmth and wisdom to his practice, he also has a sense of humor and charm, that invites trust and ease to his clients. I highly recommend Parth to any individual or organization in need of quality service.”
Anal Patel
School Teacher
testimonial icon

Rajen Chudasama

Sr.Officer, New assurance ltd

I love the assistance Parth has and is providing to me. Don’t know what I’d do without him! I’ve gone through many ‘life events’ while seeing Vyas and he rolls with it with me… it’s so reassuring to know a true professional cares about this one patient of hers. He’s simply the best!!! I always say, ‘everyone needs a Vyas!’ I mean that as the highest compliment I could say. Thank you all!

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Dipti Chaudhari

Yoga Trainer

Hi Parth! I again wanted to extend a heartfelt and humble thank you from an extremely grateful man. (My son) came to you many years ago as a confused and troubled teen….he will (now) achieve his dream. A dream I can say was unreachable in my opinion without your guidance with him and myself. Thank you Dr. Vyas for a job well done.

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Sandip Mangukia


I know this is your job and all, but that doesn’t take away from how wonderful you’ve been. I’m positive you’ve gone above and beyond what you’re expected to do. I truly see you as a hero. Not only to me, but to so many others. Who knows where I’d be right now had you not been caring for me. And really caring. There really needs to be more Dr. Vyas in the world, but I am lucky I found you.

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Sandhya Usha

Fashion Designer

It has been a year of healing and reflection and I wanted to give you an update and thank you for helping me get the point where I had the strength to take my life into my own capable hands…..I had the ability and strength to take control of my own life. And do what I needed to do for myself and my children. I have also learned (or relearned) that I worthy of a loving relationship. The years of me being dismissed are over! I thank you for preparing me to learn these lessons.

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Madhava Kunti


Dr. Vyas, We are pleased to inform you that you have one of the most outstanding therapist in your clinic and we appreciate all the enthusiasm he has. Parth Vyas has been a great support to our family and has always helped us with our son. He has been a part of our family since 2011. The positive attitude and motivation he gives us should definitely be acknowledged.

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Aniket Purani

Manager, SBI

Parth sir’s session is so calming and soothing and techniques we learn is really effective in Relation, Spirituality, Money and Health. Wonderful learning experience from Parth Vyas. This session has helped me to gain confidence and again stand in my career

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It was excellent.... good job 👏 I'm proud of you 😊

thumb Monika Mehta
June 16, 2021

Great job 👍

thumb Pal Dean
April 16, 2021

श्री माननिय पार्थ गुरुजी , प्रणाम । आप ने 7 चक्र के बारे में बहोत अद्भत एव सटीक जानकारी दी । हमारे शरीर के 7 चक्रो का महत्व एवं 7 चक्रो से पोसिटिव ऊर्जा का हम कैसे उपयोग कर सकते है साथ मे नेगेटिव ऊर्जा को कैसे बाहर निकल जाता है । ये सारी जानकारी बहोत बढ़िया समजाइ । हम पास्ट की हर घटना को भूल कर बिना किसी शर्त के सब को माफ करते चलेगे तब हम आज्ञा चक्र को जागृत कर सकते है ये बात बहोत अछि लगी। पूरी सृष्टि हमारा परिवार है हम सब एक ही ईश्वर की संतान है । सब को सुखी देखना और सब को पोसिटिव ऊर्जा बाटना ये विश्व कल्याण का उत्तम मार्ग आपने बतलाया । धन्यवाद । प्रणाम।

thumb Bhavna Kansara
June 16, 2021

Wonderful Sound Healing Meditation Session By Parth Vyas ( Sound Healer and Abundance Coach) .... #google

thumb Lekha Vyas
June 16, 2021

Awesome Techniques

thumb Rajeshbhai Rathod
June 16, 2021

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