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Caring, Online Mental Health Professionals

We know the toll that COVID-19 is taking on everyone. This change has been tough and we are told it will only get worse. So we have made our online services convenient, straightforward and similar to face-to-face Complementary therapy. If you are having a hard time coping right now our supportive, caring and knowledgeable team of expert online therapists and life coaches are here to help you! No matter where you are, you can connect with our passionate licensed therapists online from the comfort of your own home.


Telephone Counseling

We are companions, listen to you share, clarify your problems with you, elicit feasible solutions, helping you to solve your own problems. The service is built and developed by a team of experienced Holistic Meditator who are always listening and ready to solve all your problems.

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Chat Online With A Consultant

Holistic counseling through chat is a popular form of counseling in modern society, as psychological support services are growing and each of us in the present society also pays a lot of attention to psychological problems. In this article we share some of the benefits.


Consultation Via Video Calling

With the Video call consulting service package, you can own a consulting package with your own expert anytime, anywhere (even if your psychologist is on a business trip), with This utility makes it completely convenient for you to chat online with your psychologist.

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First Understand that the field of Holistic Approach is incredible broad and diverse.They work on cause level rather then on root level. Same Vibration attract the same frequency. 

Holistic Coach not only identify the root cause of problem but also teach you the basic principle of how problem need to be watched. They work on Vibration level and teach to change the frequency of cell.

Psychologist mostly works on behavior and emotional disorder where as holistic cum meditator work on vibration and energy level. They work on past experience and habit pattern in deep subconscious mind.

Well, absolutely no. It will not prescribe any medicine but just by scientific breathing exercise and proven techniques, provides solutions. Meditation works as a booster to enhance good health and minimize such problems. 

You can select your convenient date and time on mentioned calendar and you will get conformation on via email or call. You can visit offline to our office too.

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vibration setup challenge

Vibration Setup Challenge

Learn the art of Vibration with respect to frequency and how to change it.

chakra setup blueprint

Chakra Setup Blueprint

The most vital force of energy circulating in human chakras.

sound healing formula

Sound Healing Formula

Sound is the primary source of all creation. let's balance the energy.





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