Connect with your inner child

Why Heal the Inner Child?

You can’t necessarily fix your inner child because, unfortunately, time machines aren’t invented yet; but you can help it heal it.

If you’re wondering about the point of doing this work consider a child that is suffering from a wound, and you do nothing to help them. How do you feel about ignoring the needs of this child? How would the child feel? Wouldn’t they continue to suffer until the wound was healed?

Well, this is how your inner child feels, and their wounds can affect you well into adulthood.

When a young child experiences trauma or suffering, wounds are created that must be healed. This healing can be accomplished immediately following the trauma or event if the child has a parent who takes steps to reduce the damage caused by the situation. If that’s not the case, the wounds don’t heal, and they can cause disruption in adulthood.

Healing the Inner child can put an end to this internal suffering. So, so it’s not a question of why heal the Inner Child but when will I feel ready to take this step?

Do you feel ready?

ThisEvent will give you the necessary information, material, and work to help you take that first step into healing your inner child.

How you’ll Benefit:

deeper connection to your inner self with more profound moments of clarity during your day

· self-awareness and understanding of your patterning and how to disengage from it.

· reduction in mental and emotional blockages that create stress

· a release of old mental and emotional patterning may occur

· deeper relaxation and stress release

· healing of trauma may occur

· developing a home practice of self-discovery and meditation

· deeper insight into inner child wounding and how to respond differently

· can alleviate chronic emotional, mental, and physical ailments that you have not been able to identify the root cause.

· aids in connection to higher self/spiritual self-awareness

· promotes higher vibrational frequencies of peace, harmony, and joy.

Who this event is designed for:

Anyone who has been a child before – yes really any adult 🙂

What we recommend is that you are ready to reconnect with your inner child. This process is part of shadow work, as it requires us to reconnect with the parts of ourselves that we have locked away or avoided. It can also bring up trauma in which your inner child was abused, neglected, or harmed and so being ready to do this work in a safe way.

· It is super powerful in healing any childhood trauma and reconnecting you with a feeling of safety in your body.

· It is great for parents who are wanting to connect more deeply with their children.

· Anyone who feels they lost connection to themselves, dislike being alone or fear loneliness – as inner child work will unlock those fears.

· Anyone who is feeling lost in their purpose, or lacking passion in their life, and wanting to feel more fulfilled meaningful, joyful, and blissful existence.

Let’s Connect your inner child.

Monthly Event Schedule :

19 Aug, 2022


16 Mar, 2023

inner child

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2:30 am - 4:30 am

Inner Child

Parth Vyas, Ph.D.
  • Reg. Deadline : 18 Aug 2022
  • Venue : Delhi