Guided meditation class

Meditation has never been so accessible, pleasant, and easy to learn!

Imagine yourself going instantly into a state of deep relaxation and meditation with these short and effective meditation sessions. You will be able to recharge and re-center within minutes from anywhere with the press of a button.

You will receive guidance regarding meditation so you can truly master the wonderful art of creating peace within. The short meditation tutorials deepen your understanding of meditation, the mind, and emotions.

The science on the brain-changing benefits of meditation has been exceptionally positive for many years now.

It’s time to take a moment to breathe & relax, where and whenever you need it the most!

Everyone wants to achieve their goals. I am often asked questions like: 

How do I become a better person? 

How do I improve my relationships? 

How to move from thinking about me to feeling about others? 

Is there a way to transform intellect into wisdom? 

Can ego make way for humility? 

The answers lie in the infinite skies of super-consciousness and in the deepest oceans of sub-consciousness.

An expanded consciousness is a gateway to inner perfection. 

Join me on this journey of personal transformation. Awaken your inner potential by accelerating your practice with the help of meditation and yogic transmission. This session is practical and simple. We will have guided meditation sessions and thought experiments. It’s perfectly suited to address the excruciating demands of our lifestyles today.

Why You Should Take This Event:

1. Greater Peace & Relaxation

2. Increased Clarity of Mind

3. Better Mental, Emotional & Physical Health

4. More Mental Discipline

5. Increased Concentration & Focus

6. Enhanced Creativity

7. Decreased Stress

8. Increased Productivity

9. More Self Confidence

10. Greater Self-Awareness

11. Greater Spiritual Awareness

12. Reduced Stress & Anxiety

13. More Happiness

14. Make Fewer Mistakes at Work and in Your Social Life

15. Increased Mental Strength & Mental Toughness

16. Greater Intuition

17. Better Organizational Skills

18. Faster cognitive functioning

Some of the questions answered in this course:

· Is it really worth it to learn to meditate?

· What can you attain by meditation?

· What is meditation?

· What does meditation do?

· Does meditation work?

· What are some best practices for meditation?

· How effective is meditation?

· How do I start a meditation habit?

· What are the benefits of meditation?

· How do I meditate?

· Does meditation help in dealing with anxiety?

· What happens in the brain during meditation?

· Do you need to silence your mind to meditate?

· How can I learn to live in the present?

· Does meditation actually help to relieve stress?

· Are the benefits of meditation proven scientifically?

· Is meditation a religion?

· When is the best time of day to meditate?

· Am I doing this right?

· Should I meditate with my eyes open or closed?

What Should I Do Now?

Give the event a chance to help you relieve stress and live more peacefully by enrolling today. Meditation can truly change your life, it did mine. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the inside when you choose to enroll.

  • Reg. Deadline : 29 Jul 2022
  • Venue : Online

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