Parenting Is An Art

Hello Parent,

Have you ever thought about or asked these questions?

How can I get my kids to behave?

How can I get some time for me, before I lose control?

What can I do to protect my child from all terrible things including failing class or bullying?

Why do I do all parenting work? How do I get my Co-parent to be more of a parent?

How do I get help from a world that doesn’t prepare us to be parents?

How can I make certain that my kids will grow up with all the tools in life to be happy, successful and fulfilled?

These are some of the many questions you may have as a mom or dad. Have you ever written out a list answering these questions?

What are your biggest concerns about parenting?

What are your greatest desires for your family?

What do you worry about most about your children?

What are your wishes for your children?

Well, before we continue…WHAT IF there was a ONE STOP, does it all PARENTING the best way possible, a solution that easily answers and shows you how to proceed to resolve every question listed above, would you be interested in having that know-how?


A happy parent has a great chance to have happy kids because children tend to copy moods, behaviors, actions, and states of being, rather than words and empty commands. They become what they see, not what they are told to.

What makes a parent happy? What do we need to feel happy and fulfilled? Not just in the relationship with the child, but in the relationship with ourselves.

  • Why do we get so angry especially at our children at times?
  • How can I dig into my emotional legacy and how not to drag it into the relationship with my child?
  • What can we do when we feel like exploding?
  • What is self compassion and does it really help?
  • Am I a good mother?
  • Why do children interrupt us when we are the most busy?
  • Am I responsible for their happiness?
  • Why don’t they respect me or the grandparents anymore – where has all respect go?
  • When should I be friendly, when should I be firm?
  • Does it matter of I am calm, supportive, only once in a while?
  • Why do I feel guilty when I take time for myself?
  • What should I teach my children?
  • Is it OK to praise them in order to encourage them?
  • How can I talk to my child so that he feels understood and supported?
  • What about the conflicts between children, when and how to intervene?

These are some of the questions – there are many others, that captured my interest and I trust the answers, honest answers, from my heart – like from one parent to another – and in the same time based on my professional expertise will be of great help.

At the end of this event, I hope that you can have a better understanding of what makes you happy and how you can infuse that happiness into the relationship with your child.

Because, in the end, as there is no bigger wish a parent has than to see his child happy, there is no bigger wish a child has than to see his parent happy. Ask your child 🙂


See you inside the Event!

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BE Grateful

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Parth Vyas, Ph.D.
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