Sound sleep with music

Sound sleep with music

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How to sleep faster? How to sleep better? How to sleep deeper? How to wake up energized?

Don’t waste your time googling these questions, because, in this event, we will answer them for you.

If you want to fall asleep within 15 minutes, wake up energized and finally sleep through again, then this is the perfect event for you!

Having trouble sleeping greatly affects both our mental and physical health. This is a problem that affects over 60% of the adult population, and these numbers are increasing. Few realize that implementing some simple changes in your daily habit patterns, diet, and listening to guided meditations with special frequencies can eliminate insomnia and help you sleep better.

Lack of sleep has some negative side effects, and studies have shown that the sleep-deprived are more prone to car and work accidents, depression, obesity, and many other chronic illnesses like diabetes and even cancer.

Every disease, condition, or illness is always linked to underlying problems with sleep.  If you have to take sleep medications at night or you have to consume large amounts of stimulants like coffee every day then it’s time to look at your sleep patterns to find out what’s going on because you’re setting yourself up for some major health problems later in life.

This event will help you:

  • Understand why sleep matters and how it works
  • Know how much sleep you really need and how waking up at night may be normal
  • Learn how to live your life in a way that enhances your sleep
  • Learn techniques to help you fall asleep (or back asleep)
  • Explore natural remedies to sleep better
  • Learn powerful breathing and mental exercises to empower your sleep and your life


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Deep Sleep

Parth Vyas, Ph.D. Parth Vyas, Ph.D.

frequently asked questions

Why we do not have sound sleep?

There has been many reason but the most dominant reason is routine stress level. When we work on some repeated patterns we can find out the solution for sound sleep.

Why sometimes I get disturbed by dreams?

Dreams are subconscious mind patterns that drives you while you are in sleep. so if you are disturbed in a day or in your past,you will get surrounding dreams. We have arrange this workshop so you will also get better understanding of dreams.

Is it possible that I get sound sleep after attending your event?

Well, Its a continuous process that you have to do it daily for getting better results.


Parth Vyas, Ph.D.

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