Chakra Alignment System

Chakra Alignment System

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Do you want to understand the deeper secrets of who you are?

Do you want a greater degree of control over your life and the ability to heal blocks and wounds that you may not yet even be aware of?

That’s what this Workshop is about.

You see, you are MORE than just a physical body.

You have an energy body as well – and this energy body determines how you feel, and how people respond to you and literally creates your reality.

The Workshop covers the basics of what chakras are and what is energy healing?

· Understand Chakra basics

· Locate 7 Chakras in the body

· Understand noticeable issues from blocked Chakras

· Identify Chakra blockages in your body

· Learn to unblock your Chakras

· Understand all about the purpose of each chakra

· Learn practical techniques to balance and heal your 7 chakras

· Diagnose whether each chakra is blocked, unblocked, or imbalance

· Learn about the potential health issues associated with each of the 7 chakras imbalance


Balance Your Body and Mind

  • Gain an understanding of how your chakras work as well as learn how to open them up.
  • Worksheets, meditations, and yoga provide you a chance to create self-balancing, healing, and grounding methods as you continue down your spiritual journey.

Discover Your Purpose

  • As you gain knowledge and a deeper understanding of your chakras, you will be able to figure out your role and purpose in life, within your family dynamic, and within your community.
  • Discovering your purpose will bring you feelings of moving forwards and towards something bigger than yourself as you see things more clearly.

Take Control of Your Life!

  • Getting to know your chakras help you understand how to maneuver through life’s tough challenges.
  • Learn from your past, understand how to move forwards in this present moment, and minimize your fears over your future.
  • Move forwards in your healing process.
  • Dig deeper into understanding the dependency levels in your relationships
  • Strengthen your mindset.

Begin to Reconnect with Your Higher Self

  • This is done through meditations as you move through each chakra.
  • Begin to awaken your intuition through different exercises.
  • Improve your self-confidence and give yourself inner power through gaining self-awareness.



7:00 am - 9:00 am

Human chakra

Parth Vyas, Ph.D. Parth Vyas, Ph.D.

Monthly Event Schedule :

6 Jul, 2022


26 Nov, 2022

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frequently asked questions

How is it possible to balance or align chakra with distance

Chakras are in our astral body and it will cure or disturbed by external energy system so it can heal from distance too

Which is the main chakra in our human body?

Well all chakra has its own role and principles. Every chakra is connected with each other.

Do we learn everything is this workshop?

No, that's not possible as we can give your some of summary in this short period of time. Its a very vast subject and its subject of experience rather then learn.

How to i know more on this chakra?

You can contact us and we will assist you to learn in more depth.


Parth Vyas, Ph.D.

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  • Registration Deadline : 07 Jul 2022