Sound Creates Harmony in Human Body & Mind

sound creates harmony in human body

“The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient, while nature cures the disease.”

Voltaire’s bon mot

Have you heard this witty saying by Voltaire? We totally agree with it! Read on to learn more.

Physicians believe most doctors entertain their patients until they cure themselves. They are right. Nature is the best healer, and it knows what it needs to do in any situation.

When used appropriately, sound, a natural resource, can help your body find harmony, balance, and healing. Sound healing is a valid treatment option involving sounds releasing blockages through vibration. It can help reduce high blood pressure and respiratory rate and improve blood circulation.

So, what is sound medicine, and how can sound help your body heal? Let us brief you about it. 

What Actually is Sound Medicine and How Does It Work?

“Music is a food of soul and medicines of the mind.” You all must have heard and read this quote. But the main concern is, “Does it actually works?” The straightforward answer is yes, it does. Sound medicine is one of the primitive techniques found in ancient Greece times.

Music medicine involves using different pleasant sounds to cure many mental disorders. It is a mediation powered by sound waves to achieve excellent results. Sound is produced by special instruments. Somebody’s voice and electrical instruments are used to create sound waves.

However, tuning forks, singing bowls, and drumming are the most effective and primitive ways to generate sound for therapy. These sound waves enter your brain and activate the subtle body (energy of our body). Moreover, your body will relax when getting ready to receive sound waves.

However, you cannot introduce the right frequency waves of sound by yourself that actually help you. Stress Not! Hire our services just with a few clicks. You have to book your appointment and leave the rest to our sound healers.

What Does Sound Medicine Really Do?

Sound medicines are well known for their effects on relaxing your body. It can help you in several ways, such as:

  • Stress relief
  • Healing
  • Relax mind and body
  • Relieve pain
  • Improve overall health
  • Beneficial for the nervous system

However, it is not the only thing performed by sound therapy. When a sound wave of exact frequencies enters your brain, your body already becomes more effective and light. This is because it gets ready to receive the sound waves.

The stress and frustrations release out of your body. It balances your mind and creates harmony between your brain and your body. This harmony will lead your body to work efficiently. Moreover, sound waves also help to improve your overall nervous system.

The sound waves keep your brain focused, and as a result, your reflexes improve. And these reflexes are linked with your nervous system. Moreover, it removes blockages in your body and helps in curing them. In total, it will assist your body to behave well in every department.

In addition, it is has proven beneficial for

  • Pain relief
  • Sympathetic resonance
  • Relaxation
  • Energy boost
  • Psychological Help
  • Improved sleep
  • Restoring Balance
  • Rhythmic Coordination

Willing to get all these benefits, take the world’s best sound healing from our experts. With more than 300 consultants, we are the ones you require to get music therapy or sound healing.

Fun Fact: Celebrities like Charlize Theron and Robert Downey Jr. have incorporated sound healing into their lives to get rid of stress.

How Can Sound Medicine Help Me?

Are you hearing about sound medicine for the first time? Your brain will definitely be hesitating to accept it. It’s hard for anyone to believe this for the first time unless they see the miracles of music therapy by themselves. However, you will not be confused anymore as we are going to tell you about its incredible benefits and work.

·       Sound Medicine Heals Your Mind

Things start with the frequency of sound waves. Sound waves of frequency between 20 to 20,000 hertz. Between 170 to 750 hertz, specific frequency ranges have the most pleasant effects on your body. So, they are used accordingly to relax your nerves and release stress.

First of all, you have to get ready to receive sound waves. When you do so, you remain focused, your breath rate lowers, and your blood pressure lowers as well. Your body starts losing stress at that point. Yeah, it’s right; you are receiving benefits even before the start of actual treatment.

The average working state of our brain is called a beta state. Specific sound frequencies and rhythms enter the brain and start relaxing it. It shifts into a relaxed conscious state. It is then followed by a meditative state and finally leads you to sleep. It is the step when your body starts healing internally and your brain losses all the stress.

·       Sound Medicine Heals Your Body

All these mechanisms are for mental recoveries; what about physical treatments, such as quick recoveries and healing. When sound enters your brain, it lightens the body. Then it stimulates your cells to release nitrogen oxide. And nitrogen oxide is well known for controlling pain and quickening the recovery process. So injuries can be recovered quickly when you take sound and specific injury treatments.

The whole mechanism depends upon frequencies. So, you have to hire experts who know the correct frequencies and rhythms to treat you. With more than 5k successful treatments and 95 percent happy and satisfied clients, we are the best fit for treating you.

Which Type of Sound Therapy Do I Need?

While there are many different types of sound therapies, each one has its own set of advantages that can help you feel better, have more energy, and perform better at work. Consider what you hope to gain from your sound healing sessions. This will help you determine which ones to attempt, and when you’ve tried a few, you’ll be able to figure out which type of sound healing works best for you.


When you hear sounds, it makes your body respond to them. When the sound is unpleasant, just as honking horns, machine sounds, or any louder sound, your body responds by increasing blood pressure and causing a headache. However, whole things reverse when you listen to pleasant music.

Frequencies of specific wavelengths stimulate brain cells to relax your body. It leads you to a sleeping state and helps release any type of stress or tension you are dealing with. Moreover, it also assists your body in curing diseases, healing wounds, recovering from injuries, and increasing overall performance.

Now you know the mechanism of this therapy, and all your confusion has been demolished. So, what are you waiting for? Please book your appointment with us and have sound therapy to improve your agility. Let your body flow with the pleasant music.


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