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“When you hear the music ringin’ in your soul / And you feel it in your heart, and it grows and grows / And it comes from the backstreet rock & roll, and the healing has begun.”

Van Morrison

Through his words, Van Morrison shows us that there can be a delightful way to summon our internal abilities, blend them with nature’s external gestures, and heal oneself.

The 21st century might not be the only year with its hecticness as it comes with its troubles and madness to deal with. It requires patience and a person’s ability to endure all of it bit by bit to survive.

Vibration is an effective and remarkable therapy to combat inner turmoil and find peace. It heals the soul by working through its dimensions. Depending on your body’s needs and requirements on a spiritual level, there are different vibrations provided by nature to stimulate body growth and encourage your spirit.

So if you want to learn more about the healing abilities of vibration to strengthen your core, read on to find more about it.

What is Vibration, and How Does it Work?

Vibration may sound like a word that belongs in a textbook. And would probably be wondering how a simple vibration can heal someone.


Well, the technical meaning of this word is the moving back and forth of a particular object which creates sounds as a result of it. These sounds then produce spiritual energy that heals the specific part of the body where it has been targeted too.

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In addition to that, most parts of our bodies are working 24/7. They function in a rhythm, producing vibrations and, ultimately, sound. Physiological rhythms like pulse rate and breathing rate might be on a superficial level. However, even the atoms we are made of are moving back and forth at significant speed producing vibrations. These vibrations produce waves of energy which ultimately affect how our body functions.


If you want to learn more about your vibrational energy and how you can change its impact on healing yourself? Join our workshop that encourages natural ways of healing and shows you the right way to do so.

How Vibration Connects the Universe All Together?

Each molecule that exists in this universe in any form has its vibration. And that vibration has its frequency which ultimately creates energy.


This spiritual energy cannot be controlled through consciousness and flows through in open space, thus connecting all universes.

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You might have only heard that colors produce energy. However, believe it or not, your thoughts and soul are working at their specific frequency of vibrations. And you can feel those movements through feelings like gratitude, affection, generosity, and forgiveness.


And it is only possible through the embodiment of manifestation of one’s talent and gifts that you have wholeheartedly worked your soul through, which creates its frequencies, thus connecting you to the outer universe.

Effects of Gravitational Law on Vibrations

The gravitational force of all the inverses, even in different locations, is different from one another. And as the vibrational energy lingers on connecting the spiritual dimensions of oneself to all the universes together, its frequency changes with time and area. However, that leaves different impacts on the vibration, which is quite different from the one it started from.

The force of gravity changes the speed of the frequency and interrupts its shape. It can bend or shift the waves of energy, which can cause the energy to get aggressive or slow down depending on the factors involved.

When seeking healing through vibrational energy, one should always consider consulting professionals. You don’t want to be working hard day and night trying to work with frequencies effectively and still not getting any results. Consult our professionals to help you with your healing process through vibrational energy and more.

Vibration Therapy to Cure Disease

Modern technology has blended with spiritual healing through vibrational frequency quite gracefully. One might think it wouldn’t be possible that these two worlds would collide in a way that everyone would benefit from. But here we are discussing how vibration therapy can help cure diseases with the help of modern science and technology. A few of the examples of these benefits that many patients have claimed to experience are as follows:

·        Bone and Muscle Strength

Studies from Western universities have shown that vibrational therapy has significant benefits that increase bone and muscle endurance.

If targeted the right way, specific vibrations and their produced energy can stimulate the production of stem cells. These cells then help produce bone and muscle tissues, which increases their mass and density, respectively. An increase in the number of cells makes those tissues strong and healthy, better than before.

·        Parkinson Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a brain disorder caused by the loss of specific nerve cells. These cells support movement and volunteer control of the body. Vibrational therapy has shown short-term benefits by slightly relaxing the rigid muscle tissues, inhibiting the body’s movement.

·        Reduce Muscle and Joint Pain

Vibrational therapy can reduce muscle and joint pain to a whole different level. By increasing the production of new and healthier cells, the pain caused by the previous ones is reduced significantly. The newly formed cells support the body and help reduce muscle soreness by boosting the metabolism. It also supports pain management and provides a therapeutic environment for the patient.

·        Alleviate Stress

Studies have proven that people tend to relate their personal experiences with music. Music is a magnificent combination of different frequencies and vibrations. That is how, if someone associates themselves with a specific type of vibration, in this case, music, and indulges in their feelings and thoughts. It can help them a lot to alleviate their stress. Music therapy can change a person’s entire aura by lifting their mood and improving self-expression.


Take Away

If this sounds like a type of therapy that suits your lifestyle, join our music therapy course and sound healing. With more than 300 consultants around the globe that have professional experience in healing through the core, you can also get the benefits of vibration therapy for a lifetime.










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